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Email server settings?

When you first get an account with us, your information email will include the mail server settings. In case you happen to misplace those, this should help. For our example, we'll pretend our domain is http://takingthestraindomains.co.uk. So assuming your mail is being hosted / served by us:

IMAP Server: mail.yourdomainhere.com
SMTP Server: mail.yourdomainhere.com
Port: 25 or 26 (Some ISPs will block port 25, so if you ever get an SMTP error, try using port 26)
SMTP Auth: Turn it on (Our servers will play with your email more nicely if you keep it turned on)

As for a username / password, those would be setup by you through the 'Email Accounts' section in cPanel (accessed by http://takingthestraindomains.co.uk/cpanel or http://takingthestraindomains.co.uk:2082 -- all depends on your firewall or ISP).

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